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Anonymous asked:

Reblogging is fine. Stealing a pic or a gif from someone's post then making your own post with it is reposting. Its an asshole thing to do.


Well the people who you’ve sent those questions to haven’t done that so I don’t know why you’re questioning them. If they post someone else’s gif then I understand because they’re not the one’s that took the time to create it, UNLESS they only reblogged it or gave the person who made the gif credit, it’s fine. Pictures are a different story, unless you physically took the picture you posted (which I don’t think is possible because I’m sure most of us were either really young or not even born when most of the kennedy pictures we post were taken) it doesn’t belong to anyone. Editing the picture could be an exception too, but other than that, reposting a certain picture isn’t considered stealing because none of them are yours.

Can I describe Sharon?

It is unimaginable that I would be asked to do so.

Beautiful, of course, the kind that would glide into a room—not walk. Playful and funny, sweet and tender, gracious and warm-hearted.

She had haute couture hippy meets Vogue and Harper’s style, and the gorgeous body to wear Damascus brocades, Chinese silks, Indian saris, or nothing at all. A modern Goddess.

When we were in London she told me she was pregnant but that Roman didn’t know yet, and with that sweet mischievous smile on her face said she wanted to smoke one last cigarette before telling him that night.

She was the gracious hostess who included anyone she might find charming regardless of status. She was adoring and adored.

Back in Los Angeles she showed me swaths of wallpaper for the nursery—difficult to do, not knowing the sex of the baby. In that flowing chiffon paisley dress she floated in blissful readiness. Her wide, bright eyes shining in happiness.

That is what she is—always and forever—a euphoric, radiant soul, a mythical creature who comes to me in my dreams and in all our joyful, elated, and gleeful moments.

That’s Sharon

Michelle Phillips, for the book Sharon Tate Recollection (via sharontate-polanski)

Whoever took my edit and put this quote on here is disgusting. I found this while browsing the internet. I’d like to say first off, “I’m already dead” was not even said by Sharon, it was said by Abigail Folger. Secondly, it doesn’t matter who the picture is of, I’d rather not find the pictures I edit on the internet like this. I know that I didn’t take the picture so its not mine, but I use this blog to remember Sharon’s life, not death. Whoever did this can go fuck themselves.

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